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Jewelry for women who want to look and feel their best. 

Founded in 2019, ZÈRA Jewels launched with a mission to create artfully designed jewelry for the everyday woman. We curate elegant, sophisticated and high-quality pieces that are inspired to make women feel confident, empowered and feminine in their own right.


Our collection of jewelry pieces are designed to help women honor their natural style. At times, it can be difficult to make time for ourselves and feel good in our own skin. For us ladies at ZÈRA, we turn to jewelry. We’re all trying to discover our style and we’re here to help you do the same. Each one of our pieces are elegantly designed with a sophisticated flare, to make women feel confident, beautiful and authentically themselves. Whether you’re on a journey to find your style, elevating your outfit or buying a gift for a loved one, ZÈRA has something for you.


Jewelry is no ordinary part of your wardrobe, which is why we value quality, attention to detail and timelessness in our product collections. Our customers mean everything to us that’s why every decision we make is with their best interest and satisfaction in mind. We understand that jewelry is a meaningful investment and we are committed to making the shopping experience at ZÈRA enjoyable as possible. Our return policy and warranty is one step we take to make sure our customers are always taken care of.



Born and raised in Haiti, Ezèra Ira moved to the United States at the age of 18 to expand to her horizons. From a very young age, Ezèra moved through life with an entrepreneurial spirit with a headstrong mindset of a self-starter. Always eager to move up in the professional world, Ezèra was promoted within a year of being in the U.S. and rapidly expanded her experience across various industries. Shortly thereafter, Ezèra got married and became pregnant with her son. Due to complications with her pregnancy, she had to put her career on pause for a while.

As her son got older, times became a little tough. With another baby on the way, Ezèra and her husband were motivated to provide a better lifestyle for their family. With $50 and an unwavering vision, Ezèra made it her mission to build an impressionable brand from the ground up. A creative at heart, Ezèra’s knack for design is what inspired her to begin the journey of entrepreneurship. It was when she began creating a few handmade jewelry pieces for a friend that she considered pursuing this passion full time. After doing extensive research and immersing herself into the world of e-commerce, Ezèra took a risk and launched her own online jewelry store in May 2019. That’s when ZÈRA Jewels was born. 

Today, Ezèra is compelled to bring ZÈRA to new heights. As a young and aspiring business owner, mother, wife and dear friend, her purpose goes well beyond making beautiful jewelry. For her, ZÈRA, is a gateway to create more employment opportunities for women just like her and empower each of them to reach their full potential.




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