We offer a range of price points with a range of materials available. 


We hand make a few solid gold pieces which are of very high quality, and are very carefully designed. Gold is considered the best form of jewelry because it will never tarnish, irritate the skin or fade. This is the jewelry that will last a life time.


Gold filled jewelry will last longer and is very tarnish resistant due to the layer of gold over it. 


Our stainless steel items are our highest quality and are tarnish free. We offer stainless steel with gold, silver or rose gold plating. 

Please choose these items if you would like longer lasting, harder wearing, durable jewelry that will not lose their color no matter what.


Our sterling silver items are 92.5% sterling silver. These pieces are also high quality long lasting. 


However, we also like to offer cheaper alternatives to make our jewelry available to everyone (gold/silver plated mixed metals) and these items need to be looked after carefully to sustain their plating. Most of our plated items have metals made from sterling silver or stainless steel.

These items need to be looked after following these guidelines:

Do not wear your plated jewelry in the shower, while bathing, working out or sleeping as this can strip off the gold or silver plating. This will help your jewelry last as long as possible:

  • Our plated items are considered fashion jewelry which means they are not solid gold or silver - which is why we adjusted our pricing to match this.
  • Avoid exposing fashion jewelry to water, chemicals, household products, and perfumes/lotions which can cause it to discolor.
  • Put on your jewelry last when getting ready to avoid spraying perfume/deodorant or getting moisturizer/sprays on it.
  • With proper care, your jewels will retain their beauty and character. 

*We will not be able to replace or refund items that have been damaged by the customer, it is the customers responsibility to care for their jewelry following our guidelines.